7 Secrets You Need To Know
When Buying Your Next New Mattress


Many of our competitors will double or triple their mattress' regular price or MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) and post that inflated amount as a "Was," "Before," or "Compare At" price; then they will post the regular mattress' price or original MSRP as a "SALE" or "NOW" price in order to lure customers into their store and give customers the impression they are getting a huge discount on the mattress when in fact the customer is simply paying the regular price on that mattress.

I have heard stories from customers who say that some of our competitors will try to make them believe their mattresses are of much higher quality than ours because their mattresses show a higher "Compare at" price and encourage them to buy it at their "SALE" price to take advantage of the savings. The fact is that our mattresses are the same and are shown at low prices at our store, not because they are inferior, but because our prices are not inflated to give our customers a wrong impression. We believe in integrity and honesty because we want you as a customer for life, not just for a one-time sale.

Ever wondered how some stores claim 50%, 70%, or even over 80% OFF prices? Now you know. Their "Before" price is an extremely inflated regular price and the "SALE" or "NOW" price is simply the product's regular price disguised as a discounted price. The only time when some of these huge discounts tend to be real are on floor model items or close-outs (products that have been discontinued by manufacturer because of new models, product was not selling well, and manufacturer has a lot of inventory of that item which they want to get rid off right away). Floor models and manufacturer close-outs are usually acquired by the retail store at below factory cost; thus allowing for such real deep discounts. So unless you are buying a floor model or a close-out item, be wary of those claimed "On Sale" claims by our competitors.

At Sweet Dreams Mattress Gallery, we post actual mattress MSRP's and give you a discount off that price. No gimmicks, no tricks, just real savings!


We have had customers who stop by our store, AFTER buying from our competitors, only to find the same mattress they just purchased at a much lower price with us. Don't let this happen to you! We always recommend our customers to shop our competition and compare because we are confident that not only will you find that we carry the lowest prices and offer better service, but we also offer the largest selection of mattresses in the entire Las Vegas valley, which is a very important thing as you will find out in Secret #4, "Comfort-Trial Exchanges."

Many of our competitors will say and do anything to keep you from coming to our store, except give you the facts and a real deal! Even the big furniture/department stores and the chain mattress stores can not compete with our large selection of mattresses and our low prices. Some competitors will sometimes claim to have a "large buying power" which allows them to get goods at reduced prices from suppliers to later pass the savings onto you. The fact is they may sometimes get better pricing from suppliers, but most of the time the savings are not pass to the consumer as they want you to believe. Refer to Secret #1, "Sale or No Sale?". Again, "Shop Around" and stop by our store or call us at (702) 73-SLEEP and compare!


Don't get too comfortable on that purchase quite yet. Price-Match Guarantees may give you the false sense of security that you are protected from paying too much in case you find the same mattress cheaper somewhere else. Unfortunately, that is the only thing a competitor may tell you. What our competitors may not clarify is that in order to qualify for a "Price-Match Guarantee", you will need to provide them with an advertisement (such as newspaper ad, mail flyer, etc.) as proof to show the same model or similar mattress you purchased at a lower price than what you paid. This is all written in small print on your purchase agreement, but most consumers fail to take the time to read this and our competitors hope the consumer will do just that, not read it or that you will simply take their "summarized" version of the fine print.

Ok, so you are required to provide an actual ad as proof. You can't just walk in with a quote from another store. If your salesperson tells you he will accept quotes from another competitor, make sure he puts it in writing on your receipt. I guarantee you he won't because it is not their store's policy to accept quotes! It has to be an "advertised price".

So providing an actual Ad doesn't sound so bad, right? Wrong! Did you know that many stores carry the same mattress models but all under different names? For example, our "Hubbard Simmons" mattress may be called "Athena Simmons" somewhere else. Making it pointless to compare by name alone. In addition, if you are one of the many people who have looked at mattress ads before going shopping, you will notice that they usually showcase a few models (around 6 mattresses) on the ad and they provide hardly any specifications of the mattresses. The ads will only have the name of the mattress (which is pointless as previously discussed), mattress brand (this is good), and comfort type (firm, plush, or pillow top) -- this is also good, but this is not enough. There are many different types of pillow top, plush, or firm mattresses within each mattress brand. Which leaves you to do more investigation which includes comparing mattress specifications such as: coil count, coil gauge, type of foams in the mattress, how many inches of each foam in the mattress, etc. You see where this is going? Many consumers don't understand all of this, or even want to take the time to do all of this research. Our competitors will never tell you the whole story about "Price-Match Guarantees" or tell you how difficult it really is to price-match your purchased mattress. However, they are legally protected through their fine print. You can see how that "Price-Match Guarantee" is not as appealing as competitor's would like to make you believe. Besides, with so few mattresses shown on an ad, what are the chances of YOUR specific mattress model to ever show up on another store's ad? Slim to none! And as we just stated, how much do you know about mattress specifications to really go out there and compare? Not much probably.

In reality, many mattress consumers wait until the last minute to go out and buy a mattress. It is a purchase which many do not look forward to or prepare themselves for. Shoppers just want to get it over with! Just a comfortable mattress and that's it. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Choosing the wrong mattress can affect your health and in many cases you may end up over spending way too much. The bottom line is, "Shop Around" and get educated about mattresses before signing that mattress purchase agreement.

What I encourage consumers to do is, use the "Price-Match Guarantee" prior to buying your mattress. Visit at least 2-3 different mattress stores, try as many mattresses as possible and have salesperson tell you what's in each mattress without letting them know which one you like (if you reveal too early which mattress you like, some salespeople will tend to over exaggerate what is in the mattress to make you more excited and convince you to buy). Repeat same procedure at other stores. Don't disclose that you have been at another store or that you are shopping around because some salespeople will tend to again exaggerate what is in each mattress to outdo the competition. At the end, you'll have all the information you'll need to make an informed decision. See below for other "Tips to Follow While Mattress Shopping." Visit our competition then come to our store. With our large selection of mattresses, chances are you will find the same exact mattress at a much lower price!


Mattress retailers usually offer a "Comfort-Trial Exchange" with your mattress purchase. This is a period of time (usually 30, 60, or 90 days -- ours is 90 days) in which you get to "try" the mattress at home and if for some reason you don't like the way the mattress feels, you can exchange it for another mattress at the store of "equal or greater" value. There is usually a fee associated with "Comfort-Trial Exchanges" such as re-delivery fee, re-stocking fee, service fee, etc. We do NOT charge any such fees. However, this is not the only problem here.

The real issue with "Comfort-Trial Exchanges" arises when you in fact need to exchange your mattress. Because many mattress stores carry a limited selection of mattresses, you may find it hard to find another mattress you would like to exchange to. Also, because of their limited selection, you will noticed that our competitors may only have 1 or 2 models in the same price range you want to stay in and those limited choices may be nothing to what you are looking for; thus forcing you to spend hundreds of dollars more to simply exchange to another mattress of your choice. Remember some store have a "No refund," and/or "No Returns" policy, so you are stuck with your original purchase or you will have to simply spend more money.

At Sweet Dreams Mattress Gallery, we offer a 90-Day Comfort Trial, there is no fee associated with a mattress exchange, and our wide selection of over 90 mattress models from major mattress brands offers you several choices to choose from and many of which will be within your price range. Therefore, reducing the possibility of having to pay more out of your pocket to do an exchange. Again, "Shop Around" and visit us or call us (702) 73-SLEEP.

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